Glendalough 27th September 2009

Dyslexia is not all about class work, it is about discovering who you are and being proud of it. We know people with dyslexia often experience feelings of isolation, of being alone. Walk with us and know that you are not alone.

Take this wonderful opportunity to do something worth doing that will benefit the students, their families and the whole workshop. Reward yourself and your students for all the hard work, make an acknowledgement of your worth as an important part of society.

We have had great support from schools who continue to walk with us every year but we would like to see more workshops getting involved.  Walking with us gives teachers, families and students an opportunity to ask questions to become more involved and aware of the issues around dyslexia.

Our experience shows that the walkers learn through participation in the walk:

  • Students learn that they are not alone and that it is ok to be dyslexic.
  • Students with dyslexia get to see that their peers support them.
  • Non dyslexic students, teachers and families learn and understand better.
  • People feel freer to ask questions in the relaxed environment.
  • People lose some of their hang-ups about dyslexia.
  • Many misconceptions are cleared up.
  • Often people go back with a more open mind.
  • Frequently people find the courage to speak about their dyslexia following the walk.
  • Families often grow closer as the space between them is now open for conversation.
  • Walkers see that dyslexia exists in all aspects of society and the walk is testament to this.

The walk gets the information into the schools and gives us the opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of dyslexia and communicate the needs of our students in a constructive way. The more people that take part, helps us to raise the profile of dyslexia in society.

A pro-active approach is vital if we are to help our students, particularly in today’s climate to get better recognition and get the supports they deserve. Help us to help your students and their families. The walk would make a great fun day out for workshops and would be suitable for students, parents and teachers.

Please see information on the DAI Fun Walk in the Spring Newsletter on our DAI Newsletter’s page. We offer the Sponsored Long Walk to schools but sponsorship forms are also supplied to those who wish to be sponsored for the shorter walks.  We urge you to join us in wonderful Glendalough for a great day out that we know you will all enjoy.

For further information or to register to take part, please contact Caroline Dooley Martyn from the DAI Fundraising Sub-Committee at but don’t forget to mention that you are supporting The Offaly Dyslexia Group!