Great night tonight at the public information meeting on Dyslexia. Great turnout. Aisling shared her story of growing up with dyslexia, her personal experiences of primary and secondary school and getting to college to study stage management and stage craft and the different paths she had to take to get there. She was definitely an inspiration to parents there tonight who were wondering what might become of their child who’ve just recently been diagnosed. Gearoid one of our committee members who has dyslexia himself then gave his story of how he didn’t get diagnosed till his late teens again another very inspirational story Gearoid is a parent of a child with dyslexia and is an advanced paramedic. Just two local stories of how with the right support any dyslexic child can be what they want to be. Wyn McCormack then spoke of her experiences of having 3 children with Dyslexia, she is a teacher and she has also written books on Dyslexia. Wyn recognised that teachers in secondary school weren’t getting training in teaching children with Dyslexia so she now runs courses to train secondary school teachers. She talked about Dyslexia how to recognise it, how to get supports? what supports were available?. She was so full of information that she probably could have spoken well into the night. Thoroughly enjoyable and very information. A big thank you to Aisling Gearoid and Wyn for a great night. Information from the night will be posted on our website over the next few days.