The Offaly Branch of the Dyslexia Association of Ireland welcomes the opportunity for parents of sixth class pupils to attend a talk on making the transition from primary to secondary school. A joint venture, between the Offaly Branch of the DAI and Geashill National School the talk will start at 5.30pm this evening, Monday 12th April 2010.

Like all children making this transition, children with dyslexia face some interesting challenges. The aim of this talk, given by Insight Occupational Therapist is to help parents facilitate the changes and lessen the impact of these challenges.

In the simplest of terms, just getting up in the morning and going to bed on time in the evening are two of the biggest challenges faced by transition students. School starts earlier and finishes later, it often involves long journeys on the school bus. In addition to this more subjects, increased workload, homework every night and just getting used to a new way of life can all conspire to making life challenging to say the least!

Organisation is the key to success. The old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…” has never been truer than at this stage of your child’s life. Our speaker tonight is an expert at planning to succeed, so why not come along and take the first steps toward a brighter future for your child?

Non members are welcome to attend this talk…