With grateful thanks to JD Scanlon Solicitors, Tullamore, Co Offaly the above gentleman was finally located! We are delighted to inform our readers that Mr James Sexton has been reunited with the medal described above, which somehow arrived at Offaly Dyslexia in an envelope stuffed full of used postage stamps.

Unaware of this, Mr Sexton was thrilled when informed that his special medal was in safe hands and would be returned to him after its somewhat eventful journey around the country. Mr Sexton is looking forward to showing off this one of a kind medallion to his grand-children…

Our efforts to locate the owner had, until recently, been thwarted by a typographical error in the minting of this heirloom medalion which lay un-noticed since 1959. As a result neither the Law Society nor the Solicitor’s Apprentice Debating Society of Ireland (aka SADSI) had any record of the gentleman concerned. It was purely by chance that Mr Sexton was finally suggested has having been the recipient.

We now take this opportunity to thank Mr Sexton for his contribution to our fundraising campaign. This was entirely un-expected and quite unnecessary, but nevertheless arrived at Offaly Dyslexia yesterday afternoon and will go towards the provision of expert tuition for children attending Dyslexia Association of Ireland workshops in Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Fundraising is always an ongoing concern for any not-for-profit organisation. If like Mr Sexton and so many of our supporters you would like to support our efforts you may do so by simply sending us your used postage stamps or by sending a donation to The Offaly Dyslexia Group.