For those of you who have not received our newsletter we thought you might like to be brought up to date with what’s happening.


Our AGM was held on Monday 7th February. As well as providing us with an update on the previous twelve months and get answers to our questions, it was also an opportunity to meet and chat with other parents. The incoming committee were elected on the night.

The new committee are Administrator – Frances Walsh, Chairperson – David Walsh, Secretary – Mary Lawless, Assistant Secretary – Ashling Dunne, Treasurer – Geraldine Mann, Web Editor – Pauline Price, and Committee – Edel Treacy. As you know the workshop Co-ordinator who works hard with her team of tutors is Alice Holland.

End of Term:

Workshops finish on Monday 11th April until next Septmember! (Yay! Skool’s out 4 the Summa!)

Please let us know by 28th March if your child (ren) will be coming back in September. This is very important as we are already planning for next years workshops.  We have a number of children on our waiting list already. Existing members of the workshops will be given PRIORITY!


We also ask all parents to make sure their fees are up to date and to remember that the agreement states that fees are payable even if a week is missed. Tutors have to be paid every week. If you are having difficulty paying the fees, please talk to us.


  • Flora Women’s Mini-Marathon: Some of the fit and not as fit members of our group will be taking part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon on 6th June. Would you like to join them? Or maybe you would take one of the sponsorship cards, which will be available soon.
  • Flag Day: We will also be having a flag day and will be asking for volunteers to help on the day. More on that soon…
  • Stamp Collecting: Thank you to all our supporters who have been sending in their used stamp collections. Presently we are working our way through what seems like a mountain of stamps; trimming them back so that they are more presentable to potential buyers. This includes removing any extra paper, ie the rear of the envelope leaving the cut stamp with a border of between one and three millimetres! It’s a time consuming enterprise, but we’re getting there – slowly!!!

Other News:

Two members of the committee are currently working on an NUI Galway course in key areas of interest to the group, including assessing the feasibility of expanding the group into the young adult/adult dyslexia needs. If you are interested in or if you know anyone who may be interested in adult Workshops/classes or just meeting with other adults with dyslexia.  Please contact us on 086 2309009 or pass on the number to them.

DAI News:

The following are some events that the DAI are hosting shortly. More information can be accessed from

  • The  DAI Annual conference will take place on Saturday 9th April in the Glen Royal Hotel in Maynooth. The focus this year is on enabling students at second level, so if you have a child in second level or will be starting second level in the next year or two, it may be worth thinking about attending.
  • The DAI will run a course for parents on 7th May in The Lucan Spa Hotel. Parents who have attended this course in the past have found it very helpful in terms of understanding dyslexia, the psychological report, supports available in school and meeting other parents.

And finally, if you have any comments or suggestions about the group, ideas for fundraising or maybe ideas for our next Newsletter, we would love to hear from you – just ring 086 2309009 or email