In addition to the Offaly Dyslexia Group’s first AGM, the officers of the Committee wishes to invite interested parties to become involved in the running of the group workshops.

Behind the scenes there is a lot of work done by the committee. This began way back in October 2008 when a group of four parents recognized the need for support and advice in the area of childhood dyslexia.

Since then these four individuals have donated vaste amounts of energy and time to the setting up of what is known today as the Offaly Dyslexia Group. Like you the four original members of the committee are busy people with busy lives and various interests, plus of course they are parents!

With the support of several benefactors the committee were able to run a trial term earlier this year, having secured the services of three specialist tutors. As a result of this being a success the group has grown from just eight children to nineteen.

This has happened due to the sheer determination of the committee. A media campaign was launched, involving local press and radio and a flag day was organised with a view to promoting the group’s profile and raising funds.