Some time ago the Offaly Dyslexia Group joined the social networking group Twitter. Our principal reason for doing this was to raise the profile of the group in general – to get the name out there…

It certainly seems as though we’ve achieved this goal. Through our Twitter page we’ve made numerous contacts, some of whom have made generous donations to our workshops.

James Bauer, is an author of several books on the subject of dyslexia who is involved in the ranging from a play to a factual recollection of his difficulties growing up as someone with undiagnosed dyslexia. James donated copies of each of his three books to our library.

Twitter provides invaluable resources for people interested in the subject of dyslexia. This is not to say that the Offaly Dyslexia Group endorses the content of this forum, rather that by our participation in the conversation we make this resource available to our readers.