Since the end of term back in July, The Offaly Dyslexia Group have been beavering away behind the scenes in readiment for next years school term. Admittedly this is over two months away, but these things do not organise themselves!

Sadly our much loved programme coordinator (PC) Ms Susan McGann is leaving us. This is for personal reasons and we all hope that Susan will be able to rejoin our group at some future date.

Meanwhile, this leaves us with something of a predicament – we have to replace her with somebody who is both able and willing! Therefore, we the Offaly Dyslexia Group are inviting suitably qualified teachers  to apply for the post of Programme Coordinator.

Most importantly the successful applicant will hold an interest in helping  dyslexia children learn literacy skills. If YOU are that person please contact us using our advice line and we will send you out a copy of the job description.

Curriculum Vitae may be submitted by post.