Spectrum Alliance Conference 2010

“Commom Themes: Strategies for Managing Co-occuring Conditions”

Venue: Red Cow Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin 22.
Dates: Saturday 16th October 2010.
Times: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

The Spectrum Alliance is an umbrella organisation which seeks to raise awareness of hidden disabilities. The four member organisations which make up the Spectrum Alliance are:

  • Aspire – Asperger Syndrome Association of Ireland.
  • Dyslexia Association of Ireland.
  • Dyspraxia Association of Ireland.
  • HADD Family Support Group.

The Spectrum Alliance conference will provide information on all four areas and in particular addressing the common co-occurrence of these disabilities.

The conference programme and booking form are currently being finalised and will be available online in the coming weeks.