Offaly DAI wish to thank our generous supporters. Over the past years we have been collecting used postage stamps with a view to selling them to raise much needed funds which are used to support the Literacy Workshops provided to children with dyslexia.

So far, we have a massive collection of thousands upon thousands of used postage stamps from the four corners of the world. Weighing in at more than five kilo’s our collection is growing rapidly.

Eventually it is our intention to offer these stamps for sale to stamp collectors, stamp dealers and other interested parties. While it is easier to offer them for sale as kilo-ware, ie by the kilogramme it is likely that more funds will be raised if we offer them as limited collections, either sorted or unsorted. While this method of sale is more time consuming, requiring several hours of manpower it may be that this will be the best way of raising revenue. If you should have any better ideas as to how we can make the best of our ever growing stamp collection please let us know…

To date we have received literally hundreds of packages of all shapes and sizes from our supporters. Regular deliveries arrive in our letter box each week from all over Ireland. While it’s not possible to mention each of our supporters by name we are grateful for the time and interest taken and sincerely thank each and every one of you!