Recently the Offaly Dyslexia Group were required to return a progress report to one of our benefactors, ie the Community Foundation for Ireland.

One of the recommended points to be addressed was “What had we learned from our experience?” Initially this was a difficult question to answer, if one considers just how much we have learned since we embarked upon the formation of the Offaly Dyslexia Group.

After a while, it became clear that one of the most important things learnt from our experience is that the well being of the group is entirely dependent upon fund-raising. This is something that requires a constant and sustained effort to ensure the survival of the group.

The result of this awareness is that we are always looking for new ways of raising a bob or two. Already we have decided to recruit interested parties to train for the Women’s Mini-Marathon next June.

Just yesterday a radio advertisement for The 30th Dublin Marathon which is being held on October 27th drew our attention to another possible fund-raising opportunity. Although this event is far larger than the Mini-Marathon it is open to a much wider group of participants.

Aged sixteen years or older, men and women from all disciplines are entitled to enter this event. The closing date for this 42.2km event is next Saturday 12th September.

This leaves a little over seven weeks to get into a routine of training and get fit(-ter!) for the event. Last year the slowest entrant came in with a time of eight hours forty-seven minutes and twenty seconds (8hr 47min 20 sec).

Obviously this gentleman was walking the course but still received his participation medal and certificate. Perhaps more importantly he also celebrated the tremendous feeling of satisfaction at having completed the course.

By stark comparison the winner of the 2008 Dublin Marathon came in with a staggering two hours, eleven minutes and six seconds (02:11:06) to his name! This sort of achievement does not occur as a result of just seven weeks in training for the event, rather a long term commitment to the sport of running.

Regardless of which category you may fall into please consider taking part in this event while supporting the Offaly Dyslexia Group. Thank you for your support to date…