Our meeting of parents of new children attending the workshops took place on Monday 6th September.  There was a big turnout of parents who had loads of questions and queries.  We hope that we were able to answer them as best possible.  All the parents present had an opportunity to meet with our Programme Co-Ordinator Alice who is coming on board this year.  Elaine has gone off to the patter of little feet.  A very big welcome to Alice and our best wishes go to Elaine and the soon to be new arrival.  Alice worked with us last year as a substitute Tutor so comes with plenty of experience and we have no doubt she will do an excellent job, so we wish her the very best too.

Our Workshops commence next Monday in we are delighted to say St Marys Youth Centre, Tullamore.  Our Secondary school programme will commence on Monday also.  We have a few places left so if you are interested contact us as soon as possible as the places are filling fast.   We have decided because of the increase in the numbers of children to only do one intake of children in September for this academic year.  After the end of September a waiting list will be reopened for September 2011.  This also allows the children in the workshops settle in and get to know the tutors and other children without disruption of new children coming in and classes having to be shuffled around to find places for them.  We have a full set of new tutors this year, we would like to thank the tutors who worked with us last year and did a great job and wish our new tutors Ashling, Niamh, Nick ,James, Stephanie, Elva, Michelle, and Roisin the very best of luck in their new positions.  A Big thanks also to Bill O’Hanlon and his team in St Marys Youth Centre for helping us find a new home for this year. Thanks Bill.

The Committee of course are busy behind the scenes getting files etc organised for the children and dealing with the unendless paperwork and accounts.  A huge big thanks to all of them.  We will be looking for parents to come on board for this year to give some of the committee a break.  so if you are interested please let it be known.  All our meetings are held during the workshop time as much as possible, so if you have to wait for your child, why not put the time to use helping out.   The group is what we make it.